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Candelabras Flowerpot Candle Stick Decor

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Transakce v souladu se stanovenými obchodními pravidly prodávajícího.

Candelabrum is an originally designed and manufactured item to enhance the modern or loft type of interior.
The glass vase was designed as the result of inspiration from oil lamps seen in The Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Designed on paper and then turned into the physical existence in the Krosno Glassworks, where the process was held with a special care and according to traditional manual glass forming.
The suspension for the vase is the hexahedron steel framework, also made by hand, polished and painted in Manufaktura KK workshop.
This unique combination of glass and steel may serve as a candle holder or flowerpot and will be perfect touch for many types of interior really.

Material: steel & glass
Dimensions: 21 x 12 x 12 cm
Hexahedron frame is coated with a colorless powder paint.

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