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MakiMaki haramaki S, M, L, XL

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from Japan made in Poland

Long time ago samurais were using haramaki as a part of armour to protect their torso.Today we wear it for well-being and healthy life. Traditional belly band is an inner wear, but MakiMaki haramaki can also be used in various ways. You can wear it as headband, circle scarf, tube top or tight skirt etc. It fits people of all ages and gender. Feel free to transform MakiMaki haramaki with your creativity and be inspired by its reversible two colors!

MakiMaki haramaki is reversible and each colour combination has its unique name. Origin of our inspiration is "kasane-irome (layers of colours)", an aesthetic tradition of Japanese courtly culture from 8th century. It was the expression of people's sensitivity for colours and nature through layering multiple colours of kimono, corresponding with changing of four seasons. Each colour scheme had its own poetic name. Read about the meaning and history of names of MakiMaki haramaki on our websites! www.makimaki.pl

S (westline = 65-74 cm) - available
M (westline = 75-84 cm) - available
L (westline = 85-98 cm) - available
XL (westline = 99-115 cm) - available

• preserves the core body temperature, giving you a sensation of warmth and relaxation
• improves blood circulation and digestion
• reduces PMS symptoms
• can be worn as head wrap, neck warmer, tube top, tight skirt
• for people of all ages and sizes
• great support for a pregnant belly
• enhances the feeling of emotional safety and well-being

Use: For the young and adults as belly wrap, head wrap, neck warmer, as a miniskirt or a top
Made of: 92% organic cotton, 8% elastane Garment Care: Machine cold wash

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