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A personalized pacifier pendant

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Transakce v souladu se stanovenými obchodními pravidly prodávajícího.

Objednejte si nestandardní objednávku, aby mít originální výrobek právě pro vás.

A personalized pacifier pendant with the name of your child,

which will make the teat not get lost, and also safely stick to the place where it will be pinned.

A personalized teat pendant with the name of the child.

Wooden elements in accordance with DIN EN 12586 and DIN-EN 71-3. Clip - does not damage clothing, does not contain toxic substances, stainless and nickel.

After purchase, give the child's name in the notes.

Realization of the order within 5-7 business days.

Pacifier pendant is made by hand, depending on the length of the name, sometimes we have to reduce the amount of decorative beads. Made in accordance with European Union standards. The appropriate length and strong clip guarantee the safety of use.


The teat holder is not a toy, it is not intended to be chewed. The product may only be used under the control of an adult. Check the parts for damage before each use.

All our products are handmade products.

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