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Angel hanging 35 cm, dedicated gift pink

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23.08 EUR

Transakce v souladu se stanovenými obchodními pravidly prodávajícího.

Objednejte si nestandardní objednávku, aby mít originální výrobek právě pro vás.

A large, hanging, hand-made angel made of salt mass

Angel's charm is golden curls and a pink bow.

A pink dress finished with a cotton ribbon.

Angel holding a plaque with dedication (any text - sentence, name, wishes).

You can design a gift for your loved one alone!

You can be sure that there is no other such gift!

Height approx. 35 cm.

width approx. 12 cm.

Angel weight about 0.70 kg.

Beautiful as a gift for:

  •    the birth of a child
  •     birthday
  •     communion
  •     confirmation
  •     wedding
  •     Valentine's Day
  •     Women's Day
  •     Mother's Day
  •     Grandmother's day
  •     thanks for a loved one   
  •     for an angel collector


All angels are made by hand.

An angel made to order according to the pattern in the picture may differ slightly in details.

When ordering, enter the dedication text in the comment or indicate other color preferences.

See other offers on other auctions.

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