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Pixel Minecraft birthday candles

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Probably many fans of Minecraft and retro games would be happy with such unique candles on their birthday cake. They look as if they were extracted form an 8-bit video game. Please don't light these candles, the pixelated flame is a decorative element. The candles are universal and re-usable. Used at one birthday party can be re-used at many others. Before using them it's advisable to wash them with soapy water for hygenic reasons. And after using them, to get rid of cake crumbs, soak them in warm soapy water for 15 minutes, then wash them with a brush. Don't wash the candles in a dishwasher! The price includes one candle.

height: 11 cm
width: 2 cm
thickness: 3 mm
All the presented works have been created by me and are made of Hama fusion beads. Hama bead creations look best when observed from a distance as then the pixel effect is visible best. Products made with this technique are double-sided, one side differs a little from the other one.
The product might subtly differ from the one presented in photos (e.g. a key chain fastener that looks a little different).
My creations are made to order, which means that usually they are not available immediately. The processing time takes around 1-5 business days (in extreme cases it might take a little longer).
I accept orders for keychains, magnets, earrings, photo frames, and others. Commissions usually take more time (it takes more time to discuss the details).

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