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Minecraft TNT money box

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My Minecraft money box presenting the most characteristic cube from this game (https://zitolo.com/pl/product/YU424558) has lately become my bestseller. Because many Minecraft fans have been asking me for a new money box design, I've decided to create a TNT cube money box. I have to admit that it looks awesome from a distance :)
Just like in the previous edition, you can open this one as well (but I suggest being delicate). The slot in this money box is a little wider compared to traditional ones. You can use the money box for both coins and banknotes ;)
Height/length/width: 7,7 cm
Slot: 30 mm/9 mm
All the presented works have been created by me with my own hands. Creations of this sort look best when observed from a distance as then the pixel effect is visible best. Products made with this technique are double-sided, one side differs a little from the other one. 
The product might subtly differ from the one presented in photos (e.g. a key chain fastener that looks a little different).
My creations are made to order, which means that usually they are not available immediately. The processing time takes around 1-5 business days (in extreme cases it might take a little longer).
I accept orders for key chains, magnets, earrings, photo frames, and others. Commissions usually take more time (it takes more time to discuss the details).

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