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Dallad horses - engraved rolling pin!

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Engraved rolling pin with dallad horses pattern!

We present you an engraved rolling pin made of wood. It is excellent to embossing the pattern on a dough. The most popular way of using it is decorating cookies. However it is also great to emboss the patterns in other dough made of salt, marzipan, clay, chocolate and even ceramic mass. Nevertheless we are sure you can find your way to imprint your favourite pattern!

This beautiful rolling pin is not only for baking enthusiasts but it is also an excellent gift for every occasion. It only depends on the pattern you choose :) Especially that you can order a personalized one.


Each roller is made of solid beech wood and we use only edible oil to prolonge its quality. So it can be freely used in the kitchen to prepare cookies for eating.
The length of the whole rolling pin is 43 cm and the diameter is 6 cm.
Just make your baking wonderful with engraved rolling pins!

Think of the pattern from your dream and do not hesitate to contact us to make it real!

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