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Trumpet - t-shirt - various colours

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Transakce v souladu se stanovenými obchodními pravidly prodávajícího.

Objednejte si nestandardní objednávku, aby mít originální výrobek právě pro vás.

Standard t-shirt with graphics made based on my drawing

After purchase, please choose the size. The default color is white (if you choose a different color, please contact me)

Available sizes S-XXL
About the shirt
T-shirt of excellent quality, in high basis weight 190 g / m2, is characterized by very high durability. It was made of 100% non-stretchy and high-quality cotton. A double seam was used around the neckline and along the sleeves along the edge. The neck puller retains its original shape even after many washes!

About printing
The imprint is made with the latest technology, guaranteeing long durability when applying to the proper washing and ironing rules.

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