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Butterfly swallowtail earrings

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Transakce v souladu se stanovenými obchodními pravidly prodávajícího.

The earrings present the most beautiful (in my opinion) butterfly - the swallowtail. Butterflies in their adult form unfortunately live only around 2 weeks. But these earrings should last longer ;)
The hooks are made of hypo-allergenic nickel and lead-free steel.

Width: 2,5 cm
Length including the hook: 4,5 cm
Thickness: 1,5 mm

The earrings are made of shrink plastic. They are additionally covered with glossy varnish in order to protect the drawing from dirt and moisture. However, longer contact with water is not advised (shower, swimming pool). Because the earrings are 100% handmade (drawn, coloured, cut, and shrunk), the ones you will receive may differ a little from the ones in the photos. But this is what makes my creations unique :)

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