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Korza Wood

Warszawa, Poland

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  • korza.wood@gmail.com
  • 693609832
  • 693609832
  • Okrągła 51/1
  • 03-290 Warszawa, Poland

Korza Wood

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Hand-made jewellery manufactured with the use of wood, stones and resin... to cut the long story short - of everything that is universally acknowledged as natural, stunning and unique. Each and every one of our artefact is unique and inimitable, one of the kind - you will never find two identical pieces of wood, the same stones or the same flower petals. Creating our jewellery by hand, we ale not able to repeat the same pattern twice. If you appreciate the originality and handcraft and if you are fond of nature - we create our jewellery especially for you

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    • Account number : 80114020040000320277585665
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    • SWIFT number : BREXPLPWMBK
    • Reciver name : Agnieszka Kozłowska
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    • Bank name: mBank

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