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What kind of payment does ZITOLO.COM have?

The fees are in a form of a monthly subscriptions that, you can adjust depending on the number of items and the number of pictures that you wish to place for sale. Subscriptions are active for 30 days.
You might as well subscribe for three (3) accounting periods ahead. If you want to change your subscription while having and active subscription then you are allowed to do so until the 15th day of the accounting period. The type of your subscription will change but the end date will remain as it was. (eg. If you change it on the 10th day, the new subscription will remain active for 20 days) Transition will not be allowed from the 16th. From that time on, your only option is to buy a new subscription that will replace the old one. The duration will once again be 30 days. On the 10 th and the 5th day before the end of the subscription you will receive a reminder of the need to pay for another subscription. You must do so no later than two days before the end of the current subscription in order to preserve the continuity of your offer. The reminder of an ending subscription is not our obligation but an additional free service.
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What are "automatic notifications"?
Once a item in your shop is ordered the customer will get an e-mail with all the details, the final price along with the shipping cost.

Where can I view all my orders and sold items?

Go to „My sold items”. Here you will find all your orders and edit them if you wish.

What happens to offers that expired?

Offers are not deleted once expired. They lose their visible to customers but remain untouched on our servers waiting for you to place them once again.

What is the Availability?
Availability time is the length of time between when your item is ordered when it will be shipped.

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