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About us

ZITOLO.COM is fresh and rapidly developing platform which brings together creative people who offer unique objects to true handicraft lovers. We promote the concept of corporate social responsibility. To us being a responsible company means not only to fulfill all formal and legal requirements at the highest standard, but most of all, to maintain the strongest relations with all Zitolo family members as well as efficiency and innovation.

ZITOLO.COM is a place where every artist or craftsman has a chance to present his/her unique products. At the same time, our virtual gallery of handmade pieces ensures special treatment of all buyers, offering top quality and extraordinary products. You can find here unique objects, representing modern trends, that will help you not only to stand out, but also to attract and delight.

Since the comfort of our partners/users is of great importance to us, we provided a clear and user-friendly interface as well as easy-to-use management tools. We pay special attention to maintain good relationships with our customers, highly valuing their comments and suggestions to improving our unique internet gallery of handmade objects.

Thanks to ZITOLO.COM portal people from all around the world can unite in their common love for unique objects.

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