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F.A.Q. shopping

Frequently asked questions concerning shopping

From whom am I buying ?

At ZITOLO.COM  you are buying directly from the artists and designers who manufacture and sell their own unique works of art. If you have any questions concerning their items, you can address them directly, they will be happy to answer all of your questions.  

How do I buy something at ZITOLO.COM?

You have found a unique item and you want to buy it before anyone else does (remember that most products at ZITOLO.COM are unique items manufactured in single copies or in very limited series). You just have to press the green button “add to cart”. You can now proceed to the checkout by clicking on “cart” in the top right corner. If you are already registered at ZITOLO.COM you just have to add your address and choose payment method and that’s it. At ZITOLO.COM you can also purchase items without registering at ZITOLO.COM ! Your purchase will then be confirmed via an e-mail message. Naturally, in you cart, you can place more than one item, from more than one salesman. Each salesman will contact you individually.

What happens after I place my order ? 

After purchasing, you will receive two e-mails with your order confirmation; one from our team and one directly from the salesman. Here, you can find all the detail information concerning your purchase, especially the total price including shipment costs and chosen payment method. When the salesman receives his payment receipt, he will send your package to the proper address (unless you agreed a different address with the salesman). After receiving the order, you are welcome to rate the salesman. 

How can I make my payment ?

Each salesman decides individually, what kind of payment methods they accept. You can choose one of the available payment methods. Almost every salesman accepts paying via bank transfer or/and PayPal.

When should I pay for my order ?

You should place the payment as soon as possible, maximum 7 days after confirming the order (unless a particular salesman decides otherwise). 

What should I know about the shipment costs ?

Domestic and international shipment costs are placed on each product’s site. Shipment costs can differentiate, depending on the characteristics of an item and the shipment method you have chosen. For example many salesman offer a discount concerning shipment costs, if you buy more than one item within one order. Learn more about the joint shipment costs. It is crucial to always pay attention to information concerning payment and shipment. You just have to click on the proper bookmark on an item’s site, in order to get the necessary information.    

Can I have more than one shipment address ?

You can update or change you shipment address after each purchase. You can also add your friends address, if you want to surprise him/her with a gift. Addresses, which you have confirmed will be saved. Then you just choose the proper shipment address for each order.

What are “joint shipment costs” ?

Joint shipment costs are a form of a discount, which many salesman offer, if you buy more than item within one order. Buying a single item equals paying the highest shipment costs. Buying more than one item equals joint shipment costs, which very often cost 0 EUR !

For example: you decided to buy a bracelet, which will cost you an additional 8 EUR for shipment. Then, in the same store, you have found a necklace for 7 EUR and within a minimum 14 EUR worth order, the salesman agreed on 0.00 EUR shipment costs. If you buy this bracelet together with the necklace, you will not have pay any shipment costs.

How can I contact the salesman ?

You can contact each salesman anytime you want. Each store has a “ask the salesman” button. Just press it and you will be able to ask the salesman any question you want.

Should I rate the transaction ?

Definitely yes ! Your rate has a huge impact on the safety of our platform. It will help to eliminate  “dishonest salesmen” and reward those who act in a responsible and professional manner. Please leave a comment after concluding a transaction so that others can be better informed before they purchase. 

What should I do, if I do not receive the order ?

If you did not receive an item ordered at ZITOLO.COM, first check if your payment via bank transfer of PayPal has been registered and if it was, check the exact day of payment. If the payment was accepted, contact the salesman and ask about the order. If you still face problems, send us an e-mail at help@zitolo.com and we will try to sort this situation out as soon as possible. 


 What if, the item I have purchased does not fulfill my requirements ?

If an item you have received does fulfil your requirements, contact the salesman in order to find a common, satisfying solution. If you do not reach an understating, send us an e-mail at: help@zitolo.com and we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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