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Pink coral bracelet

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Bracelet made of natural stones - faceted coral. Finishes and decorative elements Ag 925 silver. Length of the bracelet 17,5 cm plus a chain of 3 cm.
The bracelet is ornamentally packed.
  coral faceted 5 mm
  Silver test: 925

Coral is called the "flower of the sea", coral is not a stone is a remnant of living creatures - it is a skeleton of corals.
  Occurs in red, white, pink and black. It symbolizes the joy of life, helps to notice and appreciate its good sides. Coral also symbolizes wealth, high social status and strength. Coral helps develop imagination and intuition, promotes the creation of visualization. It also promotes the fulfillment of all intentions, and also encourages and strengthens vitality. Pink coral is associated with platonic love, friendship and a sense of community. They can be found, for example, in the Indian Ocean or the Southern Sea.


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