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Bracelet czaroit silver 925

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The bracelet is made of beautiful charoite or minerals from the cluster of silicates. The bracelet is finished with a silver chain Ag 925 and all decorative elements are made of silver Ag 925. Length of the bracelet 17 cm plus chain 3 cm.

A bracelet wrapped in a decorative box.


Czaroit 7 mm

silver  925


Charoit has a specific beautiful appearance. On a purple background there appear streaks of light purple to completely white and also black spots. The only established place of occurrence of this mineral is found in the Czara river basin in Eastern Siberia.

Czaroit pushes back and frees from old old schemes. It brings new energy, it gives a spiritual opening. It transforms negative influences and cleanses.

It strongly strengthens personal energy and human power. Prepares the way for spiritual development.

Strengthens the energy of the crown chakra, removes trauma and memories of old bad events.

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