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Mother of God

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Title: Mother of God 
Year: 2017 
Size: 30x36x3.5 cm, dimensions in the frame 39X45 cm 
weight 7 kg 
Materials: wood (thick board), gesso, tempera, leaf gold l- sample - 960, density - 1.40, painting gilding, oil, zapon varnish, vitreous lacquer, kopalovy lacquer, on the back, the wood is impregnated with bituminous varnish. 
Appearance: wide wooden frame, glass, fasteners to the icon can be hung on the wall. 
Technique: painting, gilding 
Direction: icon 
Features: On the nimbus on the left side there is an unevenness (convexity). Gold glitters are not uniform. 
The picture is slightly brighter and more complex in color than in the photo. 
The colors in the photos may not significantly differ from the original, it depends on the computer screen.

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