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Single wooden bed for children - CUBE 4

Product ID: GM670484

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Size of the mattress - total size of the bed
widthxlength - widthxlengthxheight
60x120 - 64x124x40 [cm]
70x140 - 74x144x40 [cm]
70x160 - 74x164x40 [cm]
80x140 - 84x144x40 [cm]
80x150 - 84x154x40 [cm]
80x160 - 84x164x40 [cm]
80x170 - 84x174x40 [cm]
80x180 - 84x184x40 [cm]
80x190 - 84x194x40 [cm]
80x200 - 84x204x40 [cm]
90x140 - 94x144x40 [cm]
90x150 - 94x154x40 [cm]
90x160 - 94x164x40 [cm]
90x170 - 94x174x40 [cm]
90x180 - 94x184x40 [cm]
90x190 - 94x194x40 [cm]
90x200 - 94x204x40 [cm]
100x170 - 104x174x40 [cm]
100x180 - 104x184x40 [cm]
100x190 - 104x194x40 [cm]
100x200 - 104x204x40 [cm]

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