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Pikler Triangle

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Pikler Triangle activates and stimulates motor skills development, concentration, autonomy in children; helps them experience a sense of success and encourages children's confidence in their own abilities. Emmi Pikler was convinced that a child who can move freely and without restrictions is more cautious and learns to fall safely while a child that is too protected and whose movements are restricted is exposed to greater dangers. The message to us parents is that if we care about children's movement development, the result will be happy and well-balanced children.

Thanks to the Pikler Triangle children can develop and improve their climbing skills and techniques. The children's imagination, however, is unlimited; they can find a much wider use for it. It is thus a universal aid. For example, after placing a blanket on the construction, it suddenly turns into a toy-house. Children then crawl under the construction and so on.

The Pikler Triangle is designed to be safe for our children, solid and robust. Due to these properties it is a good investment. It can serve many siblings and so it becomes a generational aid.

It can be used indoors or outdoors. We recommend its storage indoors. The triangle can also be folded, making it easy to store.



Manufacturer: MonToy

Material: frame - oak wood; sticks - ash wood

Surface finish: varnish

Size: equilateral triangle with side 102 cm / height 89 cm and length 76 cm

Age: 1 - 7 years old

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