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Stone bronzyt bracelet silver 925

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The bracelet is made of beautiful bronzite or - minerals from the silicate cluster, classified as a group of pyroxenes. Bracelet finished with a silver chain Ag 925 and hematite all decorative elements are made of silver Ag 925. Length of the bracelet 18 cm plus a chain of 3 cm.
 The bracelet is packed in a gift box.
black 6 mm
Silver test: 925

Bronzite is a stone of energy. The bronzite energy neutralizes bad wishes and spells against man. He pushes them away and makes them disappear. When you are dealing with conflict and someone's aggression, bronzite increases your faith in yourself and helps you be yourself. It restores harmony in situations of lack of control and impossibility of maneuver, it allows you to act with dignity and in accordance with your own rules.
          Bronzite is a stone of strength and self-confidence, which is why it is useful for harder times. When a person is temporarily feeling weakened by adversities, bronzite reminiscent of power time, combined with positive memories.

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