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Tender but significant Orgonite pendant with genuine RHODOCHROSITE. Cradle diameter: 15 mm Used stones: crystal quartz, rhodochrosite Used chips: Brass rhodochrosite: rhodochrosite is an excellent conductor subtle vibrations of bioenergy, which beneficially affect the unification of emotional, mental and physical aspects of the body in a single harmonic current. His gentle waves awakens in our hearts soft and delicate feelings of all-encompassing love, affection and attention to the needs of the citizens. Sharpens our senses and revives in us the desire for continuing to fully experience the world around in all its perfect beauty. It supports creative tendencies and intuition and relieves the pressure we feel in the solar plexus and heart when we suspect something sinister subconsciously what is to come. Silent inner restlessness, depression, inhibitions, feelings of inferiority, mental confusion and unfounded fear. Each of our orgonite is made with love and patience after receiving order, exactly and only for you. That´s why it will take some time before your orgonite could start his journey to his new home, by you :-) Each of our orgonite is original and handmade, you wouldn´t never find two same orgonites from us, so please be sure, that photo in this ad is illustrative and you will receive a similar piece, but never quite the same. There will always be small differences.

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