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Orgonite pendant Raw Ruby - Garnet

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So cute and tender pendant made from crystal resin, brass clips and one awsome crystal of raw ruby and few pieces of red garnet + crystal quartz. You can have always your healing and balancing orgonite with you. Dimensions: approx 2.5 x 2.5 x 1 cm Used precious stones: crystal quartz, ruby, garnet Crystal quartz is the most powerful and most versatile stone in stone throughout the empire. Already after a while you feel how your entire body by launching its subtle vibrations and crystal clear as the bright light cleanse your soul from layers of old grievances , sadness and fear and replaces it with joy , life and clean energy . Its iridescent reflections in you awakens an innocent child energy and desire for knowledge. Its smooth power cleans thoroughly our aura repels negativity from us , helps us to be healthy again and enjoy life the way you want. Ruby is a powerful stone of protection and wealth. Its powerful, strong and vital energy gives us the strength and desire to live our dreams, go for our goal with an unusual lightness and strength to overcome all obstacles that can stand in our life. Its energy affects us as a pick-me-up, gives us a good mood and desire for life. Changes negative energy into positive and provides us happy life. Ruby will be beneficial for you and a your partner, because it reinforces the desire, enhances imagination and toughens mutual love. Amethyst stone is primarily a stone of spiritual purity and meditation. All earthly, expressed in his purple color red, fire and sense of vitality, blue progresses spiritual life. Thus it becomes a stone bridge between earth and heaven, between soul and spirit. Its harmonious September simultaneously balances the even lower level of our mind and emotion. Amethyst is also a symbol of metamorphosis, represents the process of alchemy and opens up many mysteries of life, without them we could understand through reason alone. Amethyst is the birthstone of inspiration, meditation enhances our impersonal love, supports our dedication and selflessness. It opens our intellectual world new ideas, creative inspiration and intuition brings light into obscure problems that prevent us from developing. Each of our orgonite is made with love and patience after receiving order, exactly and only for you. That´s why it will take some time before your orgonite could start his journey to his new home, by you :-) Each of our orgonite is original and handmade, you wouldn´t never find two same orgonites from us, so please be sure, that photo in this ad is illustrative and you will receive a similar piece, but never quite the same. There will always be small differences. We can create you as many orgonites as you want and need, please don´t hesitate to contact us for more pieces! !!!NEW: We are looking for new sellers of our products! If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for a wholesale offer and cooperation!!!

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