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Orgonite pendant with Shungites II

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Tender but significant Orgonite pendant with genuine raw Shungites. Shungites appropriate supports and multiplies the ability of the orgonite to eliminate electrosmog and so this pendant will be your protector against the negative influence of broadcast mobile phones and other electrical appliances in your neighborhood. Size: 3,4 x 0,9cm Used stones: crystal quartz, Shungites Used chips: Brass Shungites is very strong emitter of energy, absorbs negative energy, suitable for placement to computers, televisions and all appliances that emit electrosmog. Thoroughly clean and strongly their surroundings, improves energy flow. Each of our orgonite is made with love and patience after receiving order, exactly and only for you. That´s why it will take some time before your orgonite could start his journey to his new home, by you :-) Each of our orgonite is original and handmade, you wouldn´t never find two same orgonites from us, so please be sure, that photo in this ad is illustrative and you will receive a similar piece, but never quite the same. There will always be small differences.

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