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This beautiful flower is suitable for mobile or any electrical device for absorbing electro smog. It is made from special jewelerry resin which is particularly suitable for contact with skin. Dimensions: approx. 25 x 25 x 3 mm Used precious stones: crystal quartz, fluorite Used shavinghs: brass Together with this orgonite, you will get a clear double sided sticker, height 1 mm to place on your mobile phone or anywhere else. You will get 1 PCS of this cute orgonite. Crystal quartz is the most powerful and most versatile stone in stone throughout the empire. Already after a while you feel how your entire body by launching its subtle vibrations and crystal clear as the bright light cleanse your soul from layers of old grievances , sadness and fear and replaces it with joy , life and clean energy . Its iridescent reflections in you awakens an innocent child energy and desire for knowledge. Its smooth power cleans thoroughly our aura repels negativity from us , helps us to be healthy again and enjoy life the way you want. Fluorite has always been captivated people of all strata, of both sexes, helped to make decisiona, as necessary calmed or outputting power .... Helped to reconcile the physical body and spiritual needs. Settle emotions, calmed sad and desperate people, supplying support ... Fluorite was and still is a powerful stone with beautiful rainbow crayon and soft vibrations that help our bodies but with great power. Fluorite is a powerful stone that fits as an amplifier of any other stone, but it is very versatile and standalone applications. Keep it with you whenever you need to remain calm, soothe turbulent emotions, decide where you will develop your next life. Do not be afraid to take him to hand whenever you are sad, when you need to draw the universal energy, to get inspiration, clean your mind or chase away from each other negativity and bad thoughts and memories. Even when pain is your physical body, fluorite is always ready for you. It helps especially with viral infections, treat colds, coughs, flu, helps with diseases of the throat, ears, eyes, puts together and regenerate our immune system. His gentle strength calms even toothache. Each of our orgonite is made with love and patience after receiving order, exactly and only for you. That´s why it will take some time before your orgonite could start his journey to his new home, by you :-) Each of our orgonite is original and handmade, you wouldn´t never find two same orgonites from us, so please be sure, that photo in this ad is illustrative and you will receive a similar piece, but never quite the same. There will always be small differences. We can create you as many orgonites as you want and need, please don´t hesitate to contact us for more pieces! !!!NEW: We are looking for new sellers of our products! If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for a wholesale offer and cooperation!!!

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