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Irregular - 2 silver bracelets

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Set of 2 silver bracelets.

Wide, eye-catching  bracelet. Thanks to the simple form it can be worn by both women and  men. Suitable for various occasions, it suits both casual and elegant outfits. Perfect for an extraordinary gift.


The bracelet is made of silver sheet, its width is c.a. 0,5 cm (0.2 in), and the length is c.a. 17 cm. Universal size - fits practically every wrist.


The texture is slightly underlined with darker patina applied by oxidation (without the use of artificial dyes). Slight darkening over the course of time is a natural process.  Long-term contact of the bracelet with moisture should be avoided.


I make my jewelry from scratch using simple tools. Manual work is characterized by slight irregularity and at the same time the uniqueness of each object.


The bracelets are made to order in single copies

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