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Brooch with garnets

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Brooch with a pin made by hand with copper jewelery wire(hammered, wrapped, patinated, polished) and decorated with garnet beads.

Outer diameter of the brooch - 5,5 cm;
inner diameter of the brooch - 4,5 cm;
pin length - 7,7 cm;
headpin dimensions - 0,8 x 1,2 cm.

Garnet is a beautiful deep red stone, january’s birthstone and the color of pomegranate seeds. The color is motivational and a reminder of fire and blood helping to bring forth deep feelings and passion. Garnet symbolizes a quick return to a separated love - gemstone is often gifted to a loved one before they embark on travel. Legend states that Hades gifted a pomegranate to Persephone before she left his domain to ensure a speedy and safe return. When she did return, the fruit transformed into a handful of the red gemstones. Garnets are commonly believed to aid in the healing of broken bonds of love. Garnets are also known to aid in the treatment of melancholy and depression by acting as a heart and blood stimulant. Garnets are said to be amulets of protection. In ancient history, travelers wore garnet gemstones because they were believed to light up the night and provide protection from nightmares and accidents. Garnet is thought to be extremely beneficial in the realm of business. The stone can attract people to the wearer, which can help provide personal and business success.

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