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Blue INTI scarf

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Our flagship product, the INTI scarf, is produced in a traditional community in the Andes. The unique Inca patterns will highlight your original style. Thanks to alpaca wool the scarf is delicate, but at the same time very durable. The INTI will make you feel really warm and comfortable.


    Origin: 100% produced in Peru

    Manner of manufacturing: small knitting machine

    Producer: local community of the town of Poroy


Fibre composition: 75% acrylic, 25% alpaca wool.


INTI means the god of Sun in the Quechua language. Inti, along with Pachamama, is the most important deity for the Peruvian indigenous community. The most important place of worship of the god of Sun is a sanctuary located over Lake Titicaca, the highest located lake in the world.


What is ethical MANO?

ethical MANO is a fashion brand for which people are the most important. On the one hand, the people we are talking about are small local communities in Peru working with us. By staying in touch with our producers we make sure that they receive a fair pay and enjoy good working conditions. On the other hand, people are also our customers who we are offering ethically and carefully manufactured clothes sold at reasonable prices. By connecting people through ethical MANO we want everyone to be able to consciously choose where and how their clothing was made.


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