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Bracelet onyx silver 925

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Natural stone bracelet. Onyx faceted {6 mm}. Finishes silver Ag 925. Coin originated in Indonesia 1991. Coin hand bound in silver 925. Polished to a super shine. Length of bracelet 18 cm plus chain 3 cm.

A bracelet wrapped in a decorative box.



onyx 6 mm

Silver Ag 925

aluminum coin 19 mm


Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, a type of quartz. It has several shades - gray, brown and even white - but the "strongest" when it comes to properties is classic onyx, or black. In antiquity, onyx was very popular in Egypt; currently it is mined, among others, in Mexico and Chile, the USA and Brazil.

Onyx was called a jewel of inner strength - as a stone that helps in carrying out difficult intentions and carrying out ambitious plans, giving strength and resistance, even stubbornness, strengthening consistency.

  Onyx also helps in the fight against addictions, so it is recommended for people who want to get rid of addiction. He teaches self-discipline, adds patience. As a stone associated with the planet Saturn, onyx is an ideal stone for those who meditate and seek the truth.


HEMATYT - helps with anemia, promotes convalescence, stimulates cell renewal, restores calm sleep and relieves cramps of muscles and calves.

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