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Orgonite pendant - vial with real gold

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Pendant - Orgonite heart: Dimensions: 2,5 x 2,5 x 1,5 cm stones used: Crystal quartz chips used: Brass More: mini glass bottle with slices of real 24ct gold Magnificent and unique on the market: orgonite, very strong and very power transformer. Attract into your life wealth, success, and brighten up your weekdays. Orgonite is embedded into the entire apulka, so this is a unique visual experience, where each movement is changing and gold floats in orgonite and thereby put into motion everything in your life, do not allow anything stagnate and worry. Gold has always been a general symbol of luxury, social status and power. Its history is well known, and everyone in it is viewed once, it has a need to have more and more. It's for his magical power, wonderful vibrations and captivating brilliance ... People believed and still believe in a powerful, protective power of gold. It is used for protection while traveling, to ward off evil and negative energy. It brings into our lives, happiness and wealth. Each of our orgonite is original and handmade, you wouldn´t never find two same orgonites from us, so please be sure, that photo in this ad is illustrative and you will receive a similar piece, but never quite the same. There will always be small differences. What is Orgonite ? Orgonite is a mixture of resin , metal ( aluminum , copper , brass , bronze or iron ) chips , precious stones and in any orgonite not miss a piece of crystal. The mixing and shaping occurs "Living stones", which positively influences its surroundings , transforms negative energy positive . Imagine a box, which enters negative energy which is immediately shattered metal clasps and subsequently transformed and positively charged due to the crystal and its energy is amplified by the other contained precious stones according to their main characteristics and effects. Thanks contained metal shavings energy is constantly moving , never stops , still flows , as well as a spring breeze to clean and rub all areas in its vicinity. It works very well against electrosmog . Orgonite generates universal life energy - orgone also known as the life force, chi, prana . Orgonite How does it work? Orgonite has always and everywhere. Whether you believe it or not. whether its energy you feel it or not. Always working to improve and clean energy around Us . We tested our orgonite to many of our friends and acquaintances ai sworn " Rejecters " after a while holding orgonite in the closed hand feel spreading warmth and gentle throb. Orgonite converts all negative energy to positive , purifying their surroundings , objects , flowers, pets and , of course, people. Orgonite changing our subtle body and converts it to a higher vibration. first orgonite use may be susceptible individuals very strong, some literally feel the " kick " of energy and subsequent very strong pulse . Orgonite - How to use? The ideal is to always have some orgonite for himself as a person talisman , preferably still in the pocket or in the form of a pendant or ring. Orgonite is good grip in the palm of your hand whenever you feel tired, depressed , annoyed or angry you something . Orgonite very effectively draining negative energy and replaces it with a positive . Orgonite can be attributed to tender points on the body , soothes all pain , soothes and harmonizes . when harmonize the chakras Orgonite successively applied to each energy space and allow for a little " work " . You will feel always gentle tickle , a feeling of warmth a smooth rush of energy. Orgonite can also be used as a " charger " personal stones and jewelry from stones , just lay them on orgonite and let him working. The stones themselves already tell how much negative energy surrender and how positive take . To charge the stones we directly adapted to the shape of orgonite , on which nicely holds and can serve as a permanent stand unique and powerful amplifier power stone that is built on it . Where orgonite to use , where to place them ? Treat your home with enough orgonite energy. In each room should be one orgonite in each corner , each electrical appliance should have its own little orgonite . Suitable place is also in the bedroom , orgonite provide intensive treatment during sleep when consciously not resist and bring us more comfortable sleep , more dreams and much more in the morning energy. Treat your flowers orgonite , then grow better in higher altitudes and faster. vegetables supported the growth of orgonite is bigger, better flavor and less attacked by pests. Fruit trees , more fruit . Pets orgonite love and accept them with joy. Our three cats basically lie down on the bench to Orgonite :-) Orgonite you can also donate nature, particularly suitable are large trees , ideally bury the roots, where, thanks to the root system gets orgone energy to large distances. You can also Orgonite treat the place where intuitively feel bad and negative energy, it can be the places where history happened something wrong, it may be a burial ground , execution, murder scenes or other acts of violence . Orgonite can also be place on the side of rivers (not directly into the water). Thanks again to the earth's moisture energy travels very well and a little Orgonite does work wonders. Especially suitable sites are also foot transmitters where orgonite successfully eliminate electrosmog. How to choose orgonite? At the moment we offer several types of Orgonite , it is always necessary to look at the composition of the pieces and selected according to the effects you want . For example, suitable for placement orgonite next to the electronic to be collected on those containing Shungites , to unlock the trauma and problems with emotions and love those you who have a rose quartz or pink tourmaline . If you can´t find orgonite , which would you threw , do not worry We write , we produce a piece just for you to measure and recommend appropriate stones. Length ships orgonite tailor are about 3-4 weeks whereas the production of orgonite plan ahead , depending on the lunar cycle , the days of the week , etc. How to verify that orgonite works? The effect of orgonite can be verified pendulum, sensitive individuals its effects felt in the form of radiated heat and fine armor . How long Orgonite works? Orgonite is due to its composition and semi-automatic self-cleaning and does not lose its power. The more you use it , the better it is for him to tune to a the better it will work.

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