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Agate bracelet 925 silver sterling

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Bracelet made of natural stones - agates. Silver bracelet and chain with 925 silver plated with 18 carat gold. The length of the bracelet is 17 cm plus a chain of 3 cm.
The bracelet is ornamentally packed.
  Agates faceted ball 6 mm
  Silver test: 925

Agate is a stone of fidelity. Agates are a beautiful variation of chalcedony.

They are used in natural medicine - they affect the skin and eyesight, help fight headaches and fever, support the body's protective processes.
They also have a good impact in the mental sphere - they provide a sense of security, help to relieve internal tension and stimulate sexual drive.
Often worn as an amulet to protect a person from all misfortunes and to ensure its richness and long happy life.
Agat - the tradition of esoteric agate has beneficial properties. It is safe in each of the signs of the zodiac. In ancient Egypt, statues of deities were made of agate and magical properties were attributed to them. In ancient times, amulets were made of it, as well as valuable seals.
In the noble Republic of Poland with a red variety of agate-yarrow, signatures were made, which not only were worn by nobles, but were also used to seal letters.
In ancient Greece and in the Renaissance, talismans talismans were recommended primarily to speakers, politicians and advocates. For it was believed that there was a precious gift of glorification in them.
Agate is a stone of love. This stone is good to give to beloved people in the conviction that they will awaken or reinforce great love.

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