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Warszawa, Poland

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  • nika333@gmail.com
  • Sady Żoliborskie 5 m. 7
  • 01-772 Warszawa, Poland


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Graphic Design, Geometry, Monochromatic, Minimalistic - all about NIZU art.

Artworks come in 3 forms : • PRINT ART, • ORIGINAL (Ink on paper. Special request, limited edition), • METAL ART.

Please feel free to contact us with any question: hello@nizuart.com. We will answer the best we can and we will advise you which of the artworks suits best your interior.

Message from the Artist:

We Are All Forms.
With the adoration of contrast and form, I create black and white abstract graphics using geometric shapes to represent human meanings. Geometry offers the ability to create with no boundaries just as abstract art is meant to be. I mainly utilize black and white to describe in sim

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    My forms of payment

  • Bank Transfer
    • Account number: 71 1020 1097 0000 7402 0271 4905
    • ibannumber:
    • SWIFT number:
    • Reciver name: Monika Zusin
    • Reciver adress: ul. Sady Żoliborskie 5 m. 7, 02
    • Bank name: PKO Bank Polski

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