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Handmade paper image, obraz z papieru

ID produktu: DX510634

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349.7 EUR

Transakcja zgodnie z warunkami określonymi przez regulamin sprzedawcy.

Złóż zamówienie niestandardowe, aby mieć oryginalny produkt tylko dla Ciebie.

Hand-made, large image with dimensions of 140 x 85 cm.

Portrait of a woman in a stylish modern hairstyle.

Image made of 100% paper in the colors of blues, indigo and black.

Wooden frame, painted in shades of white and gray.

Beautiful decoration of a modern interior, original and unique - contrasting with gray and white.

A very original idea of a conference room or office. It will undoubtedly attract the attention of customers or business partners.

It is possible to change the color scheme for a specific interior.

Each image is made for a specific order. Details may differ from the pattern in the picture.

Formy dostawy

  • Nazwa: Kraj: Poland

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    1 kg 2.8
  • Nazwa: FedEx Kraj: Poland

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    1 kg 3.5
  • Nazwa: Kraj: Germany

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    1 kg 8.16
  • Nazwa: FedEx Kraj: United Kingdom

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    1 kg 13.99
  • Nazwa: FedEx Kraj: France

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