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Leather candle holder

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candle diameter 6 cm
candle height 8 cm
a candleholder
height of candlestick 5.5 cm
length of candlestick 10.5 cm
100% manual work
made in Orlické hory
color natural leather
candle color: red, orange, brown, white

Come to light the light in your home ... ..
With an original candleholder made from 100% beef leather. Not only will it bring you home, it also enhances your family interior.
Would you like to give this original candlestick to your family, friends, boss at work, or just yourself? At your request, I will burn your logo, wish, family dedication, motivation slogan, everything you wish for in a leather-made candle holder.
The maximum surface area is 5 * 8 cm.
To make it even few, you can choose from 4 candle colors.
Still not decided yet?
When ordering 5 pcs or more, 1 candlestick gives you a free thank you for your wonderful order.
The best bonus at the end of postage and packing is from me for free as the last gift ... ..

I will look forward to your orders. ...... come on to light up the light ....

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